Here at Cyber Monday News, we have different ways you can advertise or submit your Cyber Monday deal or coupon to this site.

Most of the merchants on this site are partnered with us via affiliate programs. If you have one, just contact us with the network you’re on and we can have you up within 24 hrs. of approval.

For other merchants, we have these options:

For a listing on the main deal page with up to 6 lines of text plus your own page on this site where you can have us list as many deals as you want, the price is $200.

For just a listing on the main deal page, the price is $150.

For just your own page, the price is $150.

For $500, you can have your own page on this site plus an above the fold or nearly above the fold listing under Featured Cyber Monday 2017 Deals. Only a few spots are available and limited to 5 merchants.

These prices are per holiday season. This holiday season is defined as now or when you submit your deal to us, thru the end of the year.

Lifetime rates are also available per request. Lifetime being the life of this site and we plan on being up for many years.

Payment to be made via PayPal. Please contact us with any questions or submissions via our contact form or by emailing us directly at johnnie at